Synology NAS Device Package Available

June 24, 2022 for Synology NAS

Remote.It is a SaaS-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service that gives users secure remote access to devices and cloud services regardless of network architecture, or network routing changes.  At Remote.It, we believe endpoints should not have publicly visible IP addresses or open ports.  Private addresses reduce the cost and complexity found in traditional VPNs.

Our Zero Attack Surface model removes the need for global IP addresses and open ports. Instead of granting access to LANs like traditional VPNs, we manage least privileged access control at the user, device, and service level.

How to access Synology NAS devices (from the Synology Knowledge Base). There are 3 methods listed.

  1. Creating a customized ID or address using Synology QuickConnect
  2. Setting up a hostname for the IP address using a Dynanic DNS service (DDNS)
  3. Mapping a port on your router to the IP address of your NAS using port forwarding.

The problems with setting up these remote access methods are:

  • Complexity | While many users will be able to follow the instructions and access their NAS remotely. Public IP addresses can change. Local IP addresses can change. The network configuration is very fragile. Your DDNS service may or may not recover gracefully when changes occur. Inevitably, users will have to constantly manage their connections.
  • Connectivity | Solutions like port forwarding require a public IP address. Many service providers such as StarLink and 5G no longer provide public IP addresses.
  • Security | Opening ports on your router or firewall is extremely dangerous. Open ports are scannable by anyone on the internet. The risk is when legitimate services are exploited via security vulnerabilities or when malicious services are introduced via malware. Criminals can use these services in addition to open ports to gain unauthorized access to devices and networks. Which leads to criminals being able to access your data.

View how many Synology devices have open ports on the Internet. Shodan Scan and Report

Product Description

Remote.It provides remote connections to Synology NAS deployed anywhere in the world.  Connecting to Synology devices on different networks can be easily managed and accessed with no open ports eliminating a common attack surface.

Benefits of using Remote.It include

Connect to Synology NAS on multiple LANs.  Remote.It allows Synology connections even when Synology NAS are installed on different LANs.  This eliminates having to connect and disconnect each VPN for each LAN. 

No open ports.  No need for port forwarding! Keep ports closed and eliminate a common attack surface that can make your NAS vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Share NAS access. Easily share the NAS to other users . Share only the NAS services you choose to share to any other user.  Share the NAS WebUI using https or just the SSH connection using Remote.It's share by email feature.   

Eliminate exposing all network resources.  Remote.It allows you to share Synology NAS and other network devices without exposing all network devices on a subnet.  

Connect over Cellular or Starlink.  Remote.It enables Synology NAS to connect anytime, anywhere, even over cellular networks when there is no public IP address available using CGNAT.  That means setting up and enabling a remote NAS using a cellular hotspot is possible just about anywhere.

Connect without configuration updates to routers.  When remote NAS access is required and you don’t have admin access to the router, Remote.It will provide direct connections without any changes to router setup or configuration. No open ports, no port forwarding required, eliminating a common attack surface and satisfying strict security requirements.

Offline NAS notifications. Remote.It provides a log of NAS connectivity and can notify you of an offline NAS.  This allows you to troubleshoot problems immediately.

Secure Connections.  Security is top of mind so there is no risk of exposing a Synology NAS device to the Internet which could result in hacking. Using Remote.It with Synology NAS means ports stay closed and Synology NAS remains invisible to port scanners!

Product Information Summary

Remote.It provides remote connections to a Synology NAS deployed anywhere in the world.  Connecting to Synology devices on different networks can be easily managed and accessed with no open ports eliminating a common attack surface. Remote.It is a SaaS-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service. 

Remote.It is free for personal use.

Key Features include:

  • No open ports or port forwarding required
  • Easily share NAS access to anyone, anywhere
  • Connect over Cellular or Starlink when no public IP address is available
  • No router administration required
  • Online/Offline NAS notification provides early detection to troubleshoot network issues
  • Secure connections that provide better access control compared to a VPN

How to install Remote.It on Synology NAS

  1. Download Synology Device Package from the Download Page
  2. Open Package Center in your Synology desktop
  3. Click Manual Install button and upload the Remote.It package.

More detailed installation instructions on our support page

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