Selling connectivity, monitoring an management to industrial, manufacturing, IoT customers.


Remote.It has proven market fit with customers in all industries and sizes and is turning to a channel-focused model to scale growth efforts.

Advantech EdgeLink ecosystem with network connectivity provided by Remote.It


Eliminates external attack surfaces.

Advantech remote access security with Remote.It

Firewall settings:
Outbound: any,
Inbound: none (all closed)

Device Management

Single portal to monitor & manage devices.

  • Update device firmware
  • Change device settings
  • Reboot devies
  • Control an view devices
Remote.It single dashboard to manage and monitor devices

IIJ Micro Data Center (Zella DC)

Advantech rackmount products.

Advantech rackmount products fro IIJ Micro Data Center

How to use Remote.It with Edgelink