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Remote.It has proven market fit with customers in all industries and sizes and is turning to a channel-focused model to scale growth efforts.

Customer Profile

All verticals and customers with distributed or remote users, devices, services, and resources.
Smallest customer: 1 employee
Largest customer: Over 100,000 employees, Fortune 500

Common Use Cases

Customers deploy Remote.It for a wide range of use cases including:

  • Customer support of devices to prevent expensive truck rolls and onsite visits
  • Gather data from IoT devices in the field for analysis in the cloud (i.e. sensors)
  • Access to devices in CGNAT environments such as 5G cellular and Starlink satelite networks
  • Monitor connectivity of private on-premise and cloud services
  • ZTNA access for developers to databases, web servers, APIs, SSH, etc.
  • Private cloud server connections to other resources
  • Eliminate IP allow lists and omplicated security groups
  • Reduce the need for expensive VPN solutions
  • Embed remote access into hardware devices (routers, cameras, etc.)

Device and Resource Support

Support for IoT devices, public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, and more), private data centers, on-premise resources, multi-cloud deployments.

Prospecting Questions

Navigating the complexities of network management often pose a significant challenge for businesses.

  • Do you manage IP addresses and ports for remote services?
  • Are managing access control lists becoming impossible?
  • VPN license costs skyrocketing?
  • Do you need to share private resources with employees, contractors, and vendors?

Elevator Pitch

Remote.It is a networking connectivity platform that replaces manual network management with instant, secure, and code-based networking to provide seamless network connectivity across all devices and services.


Remote.It provides programmatic connectivity to remote and distributed resources via a centralized cloud-based dashboard. Use developer tools to implement secure network connectivity without manually managing IP addresses, subnets, and ports. Connect over complex networks without networking knowledge.

ScreenView - View and control Android devices from any browser. Manage and troubleshoot IoT devices in the field. Provide remote support and diagnostics and perform diagnostics without physical presence. No remote client application is required.

Reseller Program Overview

Remote.It's reseller program enables resellers to provide industry leading networking solutions to their current customer base. Remote.It applies to all industry verticals with remote or distributed users, devices, services, and resources. Additionally, Remote.It enables resellers to bundle services for installation, monitoring, reporting, and managing services.

Sales & Marketing Support

Remote.It enables resellers with the following tools and support.

  • Fixed margin discount
  • Customer evaluation licenses
  • Newsletter
  • Webinars
  • Joint trade show participation
  • Dedicated sales account manager
  • Qualified lead hand-off
  • Listing on authorized Remote.It reseller web page

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