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Enable connections to any platform we support.

What would you like to connect to?

Click here to see all packages. i.e. You need to use your device to connect to something else or support both inbound and outbound connections

How do I enable remote connections to an endpoint (or device) using Remote.It?

1. Install Remote.It on the endpoints you want to connect to

Install the Remote.It software onto the endpoint you’d like to enable remote connections to (target device).

If Remote.It can’t be installed on your endpoint (device), see alternative types of connections.

2. Register endpoints to Remote.It

Register the devices and add the services (eg., SSH, Terraria, RDP) you’d like to enable connections to.

You can share this device and its services with other users.

3. Make your connections

You can connect to the services using the web portal, desktop application, CLI, or mobile app.

You can now take advantage of all our features, such as device sharing, scripting and more.