View and control Android devices from any browser

Unleash seamless remote connectivity for Android devices

View and control Android devices from any browser

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What is Remote.It ScreenView?

In an increasingly connected world, the ability to interact remotely with your Android devices isn't just convenient - it's essential. Remote.It ScreenView redefines remote access, offering unparalleled control and visibility over Android devices. Whether you're an IT professional, educator, or part of the Industrial IoT sector, ScreenView is your gateway to effortless and secure remote interactions.

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ScreenView simple Android remote viewing and control
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Problems we solve

Complex setups, limited control options, and security concerns often bog down traditional remote access solutions. ScreenView addresses these challenges head-on, delivering a streamlined, secure, and versatile remote Android device management solution. Unlike TeamViewer or RDP (Remote Desktop) solutions, ScreenView doesn't require a viewing app or Chrome Extension. View and control from any browser.

Who benefits from ScreenView?

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Features you need

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Effortless Connectivity
  • Browser-based interactions: Connect to any Android device from a browser without additional remote viewing software.
  • Multiple concurrent connections: Supports multiple users connecting at the same time.
Advanced Control and Security
  • Remote control and beyboard access: Go beyond viewing -fully control your device remotely, including keyboard input.
  • Comprehensive access management: Choose to grant viewing or complete control, with real-time visibility on connections
  • Robust security framework: Leveraging Remote.It's Zero Trust Network Access, ScreenView ensures granular access control and least privileged user access.
Beyond Screen Sharing
  • Versatile service sharing: Extend functionality to share services like SSH, web, media servers, and more.
  • Local network forwarding: Use your Android device,  phone, or tablet to forward connections to other local network services.
  • Remote debugging: Remtoley debug Android applications with Android Studio and Android Debug Bridge (adb).
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Launch Promotion - Unlimited usage per your existing Remote.It subscription's device and user limits.
Free Google Play Download - Remote.It ScreenView app is free in the Play store.

Getting started with ScreenView

Download - Get the Remote.It ScreeView app from the Google Play store.
Register - Sign-up for free and register your Android device with Remote.It
Set up - Follow a simple setup process to enable permissions.

Embrace the future of remote Android interaction

Remote.It ScreenView is more than an app - it's a revolution in remote connectivity. With its user-friendly interface, robust security, and versatile control options, ScreeenView is your ultimate solutions for managing Android devices remotely. Join us in this journey towards seamless, secure, and efficient remote interactions.

Empower your remote access capabilities with Remote.It ScreenView - the future of connectivity is here.

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