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For non-commercial use
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This Plan includes:
Endpoints: 5
Prototyping / POC
7 days of activity logs
Web support
Limited API usage
Mobile App
Non-commercial use
SSO with Google


For Professional use
per month
per user
when billed annually
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This plan includes all Personal features plus:
Endpoints: no limit
Commercial usage
30 days of activity logs
Basic endpoint tagging
Email support
Plan is $12 per month per user when billed monthly


For Business use
per month
per user when billed annually
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This plan includes all Professional features plus:
Endpoints: no limit
Organization Management with Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML or select identity providers
1 year of activity logs
Custom user roles
User access control
Enhanced tag management
Unrestricted API usage
Plan is $30 per month per user when billed monthly


For Custom requirements
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This plan includes all Business features plus selected custom features:
Engineering development, support or deployment hours
Statement of Work based projects
Volume based discounts
Custom activity log retention
Additional support options: Slack, phone
Provision of customer specific environments (portals, proxies, etc.)
Support for embedded devices and custom device packages
Large-scale solutions for unique and custom use-cases


For production, IT use cases
80% off Enterprise plan including 500 users
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All plans billed in USD

More than 300,000 devices in 198 countries

Remote.It support industrial internet of things IoT


Connecting devices that were previously inaccessible
Connectivity without port forwarding
P2P Connections
Share access by identity, no IAM or whitelists required
Activity logs
Improved security without exposing IP subnets


Support for personal use cases such as accessing your home while traveling to business use cases of working from home or developers accessing multiple cloud resources at the same time to OEM and embedded use cases for IoT and device makers.
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Execute scripts on remote devices for support, configuration, maintenance, and more.


Rich API set to integrate Remote.It into existing workflows and tools

Google Single Sign On (SSO)

Users can create accounts and login with your Google account


Centralized management for users, devices, and billing


GraphQL based APIs for all functions

SAML SSO for Organizations

SAML identity providers available with the business plan. Organization users can login with SSO.


Simplify management with device and user tagging

Event Logs

Reports for monitoring, alerts, and compliance

Dedicated Proxy Server

Single tenant proxy server to simplify firewall rules at target network for locations with very strict rules such as blocking all UDP outbound traffic.

Simple Deployment

Device packages for specialized hardware and device, one-line install for Linux including Linux based hardware such as Raspberry Pi, and Docker images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure which plan is right? See some common questions below.
What does Remote.It do?

Simply put we enable management of your remote devices by supporting connections, script execution, and access control. Remote.It provides simple and secure on demand connections.

  • No need to port forward. As a result, this removes the attack surface for port scanning and DOS attacks.
  • Provides access for hard to reach devices on cellular, satellite or other CGNAT networks where public IP addresses are not available or transient.

Supports LAN Sharing and Jump Box (Bastion Host) use cases
Can cross multiple NATs/firewalls
Supports cloud resource management like AWS to eliminate complicated IAM roles.
Can eliminate the need for costly VPNs or be used in conjunction with a VPN to harden the access
Supports many protocols and applications such as SSH/SCP, VNC/RDP/Screen Share, web servers and node-red, SMB, UDP, and most other TCP protocols such as MQTT.
Connect from your Mobile device to your other devices e.g. SSH
Push scripts and execute them on your Linux devices using bash, Python, php, etc.
Manage access to your devices by remote.it email accounts rather than IP allow lists and only to the devices or services you determine

If I have a Professional plan or higher, am I limited to how many devices I can have?

You may add as many endpoints as you require to any paid plan. Really!

Can I cancel my account anytime?

You may cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your plan at any time. We prorate your plan and issue a credit based on when you cancel or downgrade within your monthly subscription billion cycle.

I have a special use case, how do I get volume pricing for Enterprise or OEM?

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Enterprise pricing starts at 100 or more user accounts. OEM/ODM pricing is customized based on an annual volume commitment.

Can I add Remote.It into devices I resell?

Yes! Adding Remote.It to your devices is easy, and we know how to work with you on embedding remote.it in your devices that are resold to your customers. Contact us at sales@remote.it for customized pricing.

Do I need to buy a plan for my endpoints in the field?

Any endpoints that are deployed for commercial or business use require a paid plan. Choose between  Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans based on your specific feature requirements.

Can I mix Personal, Professional, and Business plans within my Organization?

If you have an existing organization, all users must be on the Business plan. You can't sign-up for a Business plan and invite or add Professional or Personal plan users to your organization.

Before a user can be added to the organization, the new user must change their existing plan to a Business plan.

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