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Custom plan for large scale deployment
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Basic commercial use
per month per license
when billed annually
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This license includes all Personal features plus:
Commercial usage
Organization Management (basic roles)
Basic device tagging
Virtual Networks
30 days of activity logs
Limited API usage
Forum support
Plan is $12 per month per user or for 3 additional devices when billed monthly


Simplifies network management
per month per license
when billed annually
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This license includes all Professional features plus:
Organization Management including custom roles
Virtual networks with custom roles, enhanced device tagging
Persistent Public URLs without the splash screen
Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML or select identity providers
1 year of activity logs
Unrestricted API usage
Email support
Plan is $30 per month per user or for 10 additional devices when billed monthly


Device centric business plan
per month
per license
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This license includes all Business features plus:
Add additional devices in 100 device increments. Does not include additional user accounts
Annual payment option available.


Custom plan for large scale deployment
Custom large-scale solutions for unique and custom use-cases with options for:
Discounted volume based pricing
Statement of Work based projects: development, support, deployment & onboarding
Custom log retention
Additional support options: Slack, Phone
Custom environments: portals, dedicated proxy, named device URLs, fixed permanent named endpoint URLS, and more.
Support for embedded devices and custom device packages
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For non-commercial usage only
This plan includes: 5 Devices, 7 days of activity logs, Limited API usage, Web/Desktop/Mobile Apps, SSO with Google
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For production and IT use cases
EDU Discount:
80% off Enterprise plan including 500 users
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Add-On Subscriptions


Dedicated proxy server
Single tenant proxy server hosted by Remote.It to simplify firewall rules at target network for locations with very strict rules such as blocking all UDP outbound traffic
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All plans billed in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure which plan is right? See some common questions below.
What does Remote.It do?

Simply put we enable management of your remote devices by supporting connections, script execution, and access control. Remote.It provides simple and secure on demand connections.

  • No need to port forward. As a result, this removes the attack surface for port scanning and DOS attacks.
  • Provides access for hard to reach devices on cellular, satellite or other CGNAT networks where public IP addresses are not available or transient.
I have a Professional plan or higher, am I limited to the number of devices I can have?

All paid plans come with 5 devices/endpoints included.  From there you can add as many licenses as necessary to cover the number of devices that you have.  For each Professional license, you receive 1 user license and license for 3 additional devices/endpoint licenses. Business licenses come with 1 user license and 10 additional device/endpoint licenses. Business and Fleet with higher device limits are also a potential solution.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

You may cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your plan at any time. We prorate your plan and issue a credit based on when you cancel or downgrade within your monthly subscription billing cycle.

Can I add Remote.It into devices I resell?

Yes! Adding Remote.It to your devices is easy, and we know how to work with you on embedding Remote.It in your devices that are resold to your customers. Contact us at sales@remote.it for customized pricing.

Do I need to buy a plan for my endpoints in the field?

Any endpoints (devices) that are deployed for commercial or business use require a paid plan. Choose between Professional, Business, Fleet, and Enterprise plans based on your specific feature requirements.

Can I mix Personal, Professional, Business, and Fleet plans within my Organization?

If you have an existing organization, all users must be on the Business or Fleet plan. You can't sign-up for a Business plan and invite or add Professional or Personal plan users to your organization. You can also not mix Business and Fleet plans in the same organization.

Before a user can be added to the organization, the new user must change their existing plan to a Business or Fleet plan.

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