MySQL Honeypot Results

April 5, 2024

To follow-up on the Shadowserver Foundation report that over 3.6 million MySQL databases have open port accessible on the Internet, we create a MySQL port 3306 honeypot to see what types of scans and attacks we would attract. We only setup a server instance with port 3306 open as the honeypot test server.

In just a week, there were over 41k events, and 158 attacks from all over the world.

Attackers tried to exploit known vulnerabilities. In this case CVE-2020-11899.

If you are still concerned about securing your MySQL database, check our free MySQL port scanning tool. If your database port is exposed to the Internet without IP allowed list protection, hackers could use brute force or known vulnerabilities to access your data.

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We support these popular cloud providers:

Have a self-hosted database? We support that as well with options for Windows and Linux distributions

If you have resources that have exposed ports and IP addresses, read this article with mitigation suggestions.

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