AWS Metadata URL

February 3, 2024

AWS Metadata URL

Do you ever want to SSH into your 'Docker host'?  But the host is an 'instance' and you don't know which 'instance' you are running on.  Locally you could use host.docker.internal  But that doesn't work in AWS (Amazon Web Services) ECS (Elastic Container Service).

With Remote.It installed in the AWS instance, you can query the metadata from your browser.  No AWS credentials are required.  Authenticate using Remote.It.

This will also work in a Kubernetes cluster.  Run a Remote.It agent per 'instance' (node) and you could enable an HTTP service to access the AWS metadata locally on your desktop.

Installing Remote.It in AWS

Option 1: Install as a Docker container.

Option 2: Install via our one-line install code

Configuring an AWS Metadata URL Service

  • Service host is always and port is always 80.
  • Update the browser URL and command to include the /latest/meta-data
  • This will return a list of APIs you can use.

If you want a specific API then add it to the end of the URL /latest/meta-data/hostname

Retrieving the Metadata

  • After configuring the Service.  Click on the Connection tab and click Start + Launch
  • A browser URL will be in the format HTTP(s)://[Connection Name]:[Randomized Port]
  • You can launch directly from the Remote.It app or copy the full URL into a browser.  
  • If successful, the browser will return a result similar to the screenshot.
  • You can also utilize Curl and embed this function into your scripting

For more information: Container Solutions

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