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April 5, 2024

Remotely accessing IP security cameras

Whether to monitor your business, home, or providing security solutions for others, a primary advantage of IP based security camera systems is that live and recorded videos can be accessed from anywhere. A Google search for "How to view security camera remotely?" will turn up dozens of useful how-to guides.

How to view security cameras remotely (traditional method)

  1. Find the IP address of your camera(s)
  2. Find the WAN/Public IP address of your router
  3. Setup a port forwarding rule
  4. Optionally setup a dynamic DNS (DDNS) service so you can connect to a domain name rather than an IP address

The problems with setting up traditional remote access to security cameras is complexity and security.

Whether remote access to Axis camera or any other IP camera, the common problems are:

  • Complexity | While many users will be able to follow the instructions and access their camera remotely. Public IP addresses can change. Local IP addresses can change. The network configuration is very fragile. Your DDNS service may or may not recover gracefully when changes occur. Inevitably, users will have to constantly manage their connections.
  • Security | Opening ports on your router or firewall is extremely dangerous. Open ports are scannable by anyone on the internet. The risk is when legitimate services are exploited via security vulnerabilities or when malicious services are introduced via malware. Criminals can use these services in addition to open ports to gain unauthorized access to devices and networks. Which leads to criminals being able to access your data.

View how many Axis devices have open ports on the Internet. Shodan Scan and Report

With Remote.It users can easily and securely remote access to Axis or any other IP camera. Users don't need to know or worry about IP addresses. Remote.It connections do not require a public IP address or opening any ports. Our service works in CG-NAT environments such as Starlink or 5G when the service provider only assigns the device a private IP address such as

Remote.It provides native device packages for Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP). Packages are available for ARM, ARM64, and MIPS processors.

Installing Remote.It for Axis

Registering an Axis device as a target device

Registering services on an Axis device

Learn about the dangers of port forwarding (YouTube) - The video references Minecraft or Terraria, but the exposed service could be an IP camera.

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