How to port forward easily on Starlink

April 5, 2024

What is Starlink

Starlink is a constellation of satellites orbiting earth providing low-latency and relatively high bandwidth internet at consumer friendly prices. It has the potential to provide most of the planet with high quality connectivity, benefiting locations where it has been cost prohibitive for traditional telecom companies to expand into.

Why use Starlink?

It doesn’t require previous satellite technical knowledge or require installers to come to your home, neighborhood, or business to get setup and get connected. As such, the biggest impact is for people who have not previously had access to broadband speeds in remote locations, who can now get the full benefit from the internet. Getting back online is quicker when destructive weather takes down telephone or fiber lines causing outages, you only have to wait for the sky to clear again to get re-connected.

Challenges of using Starlink

It should be a drop-in replacement for your current ISP, but you can’t do the traditional port forwarding at your router or modem because the Starlink service uses CGNAT and your individual terminal does not have a public IP address you can access directly. Port forwarding anywhere opens an attack vector to your local network when a bad actor scans for any open ports on the internet.

Replace port forwarding on Starlink

Setting up access to a device on a Starlink connection is no different than on a traditional Cable/DSL connection.

Here are some common uses:

Enjoy secure connections on your Starlink network!

Let us know how it goes, if you need any help contact us at and we’ll set up a 1:1 with one of our team to help you get started.

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