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Kintetsu Railway's "Remote Condition Monitoring System"

April 5, 2024 has been adopted by Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd. as a remote connection service for an IoT system to remotely monitor the status of railroad crossing facilities, which was established with the technical cooperation of Softbank Corp. and amnimo Inc. This system was introduced by Kintetsu Railway to improve the efficiency of its business operations by promoting digital transformation (DX) in the railroad industry, and has already been put into operation at two locations (Osaka Line and Nagoya Line).

Using, data from the motion recorder of the railroad crossing equipment and video from the monitoring camera are connected to the AG10 LTE-enabled edge gateway provided by amnimo to be securely transmitted to the administrator’s PC.

*The diagram is adapted from the press release of each company.

For details, please refer to each company’s press release. (All links are in Japanese)

Press Release of Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd.

Press Release of Softbank Corp.

Press Release of amnimo Inc.

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