Persistent Public URL

February 3, 2024

Persistent Public URL - Beta

Share a static URL for HTTP/HTTPS services


Have you ever wanted to share a web service you host on your computer or in a public cloud such as AWS or Azure? 

But sharing the web services becomes more work than you want. Put your device directly only on the Internet or enable port forwarding and take the risk of someone trying to attack your device.

A little better. Add IP-allowed lists to prevent unknown users from accessing the service. But then you have the problem of managing the IP-allowed list forever. Or make the mistake of making the IP allow list too broad and accidentally giving everyone access.

What if you could share a static URL for your web service with anyone regardless of where they were? If everyone you wanted to share were on the same LAN, you would just pass out an IP address or hostname. Everyone could connect. Remote.It makes that possible for users anywhere.  

This new feature greatly simplifies sharing web-based services. Since the URL is static, users can bookmark the URL as well as embed the URL into other applications, tools, scripts, etc.  Shared users don’t even need a Remote.It account.

Share the URL with anyone, and they will be able to access your web service without any additional network or security configurations.  Your web service is safe from external attackers.  

Additional security functions are available such as password protection and URL rotation.

Check out our Persistent URL feature available as a beta feature in desktop application version 3.13.2.  This feature has been highly requested by customers, so we’re looking forward to everyone’s feedback.

Replace manual network management with Remote.It and simultaneously achieve Zero Trust.

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