Qiita Engineer Festa 2022 Winning Articles

February 3, 2024

Remote.It sponsored the Qiita Engineer Festa 2022 article submission campaign and announced the winning articles at the Qiita Engineer Festa 2022 Online Meetup held recently.

Article Topic

Connecting to XXX using!


  • Apple iPad mini (Purple, 64GB, Wi-Fi model)
  • Apple AirPods Max (Sky Blue)
  • Apple HomePod mini (Blue)

Participation Prizes

  • Remote.It sticker

Award-winning articles

Remote.It Best Use Case Award

Android watch-keeping camera using  by @senbishi

Reason for award

While the explanation of's functions and procedures is simple, I found the idea of using an Android smartphone as a remote destination device to make a remote camera very interesting. I hope you will continue to use in various situations in the future. (If possible, it would be great if you could follow up with additional instructions on how to set up!) Best Technical Award

Using to connect to services on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)! by @ussvgr

Reason for award

This article, along with another article submitted by @ussvgr, was very helpful in following up on the technical aspects that were missing in applying to Kubernetes, while also going into detail about the functions and procedures of, such as the differences in proxy connection methods. We hope you will try the P2P connection as well. Thank you very much. Best Reference Award

Connecting to Bare Metal with by @Brutus

Reason for award

This was a strong article on a topic where is used in many situations. was explained in detail, and we especially appreciated the fact that it was the only article in the entire submission that mentioned the difference between P2P and Proxy connections. We hope you will introduce to your own community. Best Reference Award

I want to connect to my K8s home remotely and securely from a cafe with my Mac by @katsuyaom86

Reason for award

The article touched extensively on's functions and usage, and the explanations and procedures were very easy to understand. I think the content can be used as a general reference in a variety of cases. Thank you very much.


That's all for the award-winning articles.

Thank you to all the engineers who submitted articles!


The video of the study session held for the campaign is available on YouTube, where you can learn about the features and basic usage of Remote.It with a demo, so please take a look!

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