Release 3.8 - More Organization Management Features

February 3, 2024

Release 3.8 - More Organization Management features added!

As we continue to build-out Organization Management, we've added a couple of new features in this release.

If you need to grant some temporary access to a device, you can now use our "Guests" feature. This allows you to share individual devices with a specific person. You control when you add or remove them as you please. It's perfect if you have a contractor on the team.

Desktop app v 3.8 - Organization Management Settings UI

We've also made it easier for you to access your Organizations with org icons that are always available in the app. This is great if you're in multiple organizations, as you'll simply be able to toggle between them like you would on Slack or Discord.

Already using our Organization features. Drop us a line at: and tell us what you think.

Organizations are available on all our products: Desktop, Web Portal, and Mobile. Organization owners can purchase additional seats and assign licenses to users. Members can access all devices or a limited list of devices by tag or customer user roles.

Organization management is a Business Plan feature.  If you are interested in seeing a demo or finding out more information on Business Plan features, contact

Additional features that work in conjunction with Organizations are Custom Roles and SAML integration.  Both features also require a Business Plan license or higher.

Customer roles enable the creation of as many roles with unique permissions needed for your organization.  You can define device access to all devices or tagged devices.  Permissions can be set to view, connect, script, manage, or administer.

With SAML authentication, users with accounts using the same domain can use their company sign-in credentials for authentication.

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