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Remote.It just solved Zero Trust with one line of code

April 5, 2024

Remote.It just solved Zero Trust with one line of code

DevOps and IT teams can now programmatically deploy secure access to services across cloud, on-premise, and IoT networks, while simulatenously eliminating external attack surfaces.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Remote.It, today announced the latest updates to its SaaS-based Network Management service, to include: direct support for Docker containers; programmatic deployment of Zero Trust Networks; and native support of Okta authentication.

Deployable with a single line of code, Remote.It provides a means of easily retrofitting Zero Trust Network Access to existing infrastructure, typically in minutes. Remote.It's Zero Trust Network Access solution is fully commercially available and existing customers include: Trimble, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Span, Aware, ScanIt, and hundreds of other enterprise and business users. Remote.It enabled endpoints have been deployed globally in 194 distinct countries.

Remote.It eliminates networking configuration and security risks by allowing organizations to remotely access any service within the environment - without having to configure container networks, gateways, firewalls, security groups, IAM roles, IP allow lists and more. Using Remote.It, teams no longer have to spend time planning, maintaining, and resolving IP address, subnet, routing table, and VLAN configurations and can manage users and services, whether on-premise, IoT, or cloud, all from one management tool.

"Networking has failed to keep up with the advances in computing. With containers, it's possible to programmatically deploy thousands of compute resources in minutes, it's completely out of sync that security, network access and provisioning still have to be manually configured, managed and maintained. With our latest release (of Remote.It) with a single line of code users can programmatically deploy zero trust access to their authenticated users, simultaneously with their compute resources," said Remote.It co-founder and CEO Ryo Koyama.

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