Leverage ScreenView for Android to Scale your Reseller Business

May 8, 2024

As the digital landscape evolves, businesses continually seek innovative solutions to enhance operations and maintain competitive edges. For new resellers, the opportunity to grow a thriving business is readily accessible through innovative products like ScreenView for Android, a standout feature of Remote.It's suite of connectivity solutions. This blog explores how new resellers can harness ScreenView for Android to expand their business footprint, increase customer satisfaction, and generate substantial revenue.

Understanding ScreenView for Android

ScreenView for Android is designed to simplify remote access and device management. It allows users to control Android devices from any location, making it invaluable for businesses that require remote troubleshooting, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive device management. As businesses increasingly rely on mobile solutions, offering a product that enhances mobile operations becomes a significant value addition to your reselling portfolio.

Targeted Applications and Segments

ScreenView for Android is remarkably versatile, catering to various applications across different sectors. For instance, in retail, it can revolutionize customer service kiosks and payment terminals, enabling remote troubleshooting and updates, reducing downtime, and enhancing customer experiences. In advertising, digital signage managed through ScreenView for Android allows real-time content updates and system monitoring from anywhere, ensuring that messaging remains current and effective. Additionally, in hospitality and healthcare, where information must be accessible and up-to-date, ScreenView facilitates seamless management of information displays and interactive terminals. This adaptability not only broadens the potential customer base for resellers but also enhances the appeal of their offerings by aligning closely with industry-specific needs.

Expanding Your Market Reach

Incorporating ScreenView for Android into your reselling strategy opens up various market segments, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), educational institutions, and tech startups, all of which utilize Android devices extensively. By targeting these sectors, resellers can address a broad spectrum of customer needs, from improving operational efficiency to enhancing security protocols via remote management.

Enhancing Customer Value

ScreenView for Android provides a dual benefit; it improves customers' operational capacities and enhances security with features like real-time monitoring and complete control over device access. These capabilities allow businesses to mitigate potential security risks associated with remote device management, thus adding an extra layer of value to your offerings. Highlighting these benefits in your sales approach can increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Generating Recurring Revenue

Adopting a subscription-based model with ScreenView for Android provides a steady revenue stream, creating a predictable and sustainable income. This model attracts new resellers because it allows for better financial planning and cushions against market fluctuations. Furthermore, the nature of the product encourages long-term customer relationships, as businesses will likely continue to use the service as long as they rely on Android devices.


Offering ScreenView for Android can be a game-changer for new resellers aiming to carve out a niche in the technology market. Not only does it provide a competitive edge with its advanced features, but it also promotes sustainable business growth through recurring revenue and customer loyalty. Start integrating ScreenView for Android into your product lineup and watch your reselling business soar to new heights.

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