Share Access to your ARK Server with Remote.It

February 3, 2024

Share access to your ARK server with Remote.It

These setup steps come from two of our customers, Helen and Alex.  Thanks to our community for expanding our documentation.

What is an ARK server?

Hosting an ARK server allows users to create a gaming environment with the rules and configurations the way you want to play.  Invite your friends locally and remotely to play.  Hosting your own server can save hundreds of dollars yearly compared to renting servers.

This guide assumes you already have an ARK server running.

What are the benefits of using Remote.It with your ARK server?

By using Remote.It hosts can set up their server without having to change their router or firewall configurations and open any ports which expose your server and local network to port scans and malicious actors.

Hosts can invite guests to play by inviting guests through the Remote.It application.

Client-host connections are peer-to-peer for the best performance.

Remote.It server configuration

The Ark server host computer resource monitor screenshot showing the default Ark server ports (ShooterGame) opened:


Note that Remote.It server side has been configured for both UDP and TCP on all ports that we know are involved with Ark, as we're not completely sure which ones are the minimal set. 

We believe that the critical ports are 7777 UDP and 27015 UDP.

You will need to install Remote.It on your PC hosting the ARK server. Proceed through the whole page.  Then you will add a service for each of the ports listed. 

Add a service with Type of UDP, set the service name to UDP--27015, and Set the Service Port to 27015. (Note that Remote.It doesn't automatically find this service running even though the resource monitor can):

Repeat the process for each port. Screenshots are provided below as examples.

Screenshot showing the user allowed access to port UDP-27015:

Screenshot showing the setup of port UDP-7777. (Note that Rdoesn't automatically find this service even though the resource monitor can):

Screenshot showing the user allowed access to port UDP-7777:

Remote.It client configuration

The Ark client R screenshots:

Ark client Steam configuration

The Ark client Steam -> servers screenshots:

Adding the ark server to steam using the address provided by R at the client end:

Steam sees a valid Ark server running and available:

Enjoy sharing secure connections on your ARK server!

Let us know how it goes, if you need any help, contact us at

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