Set Up Google Cloud

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud service provider that offers hosting of many services such as databases, API, and web servers. These instructions are intended as a general guide for remote access to any GPC service. With the target services setup such as Compute Engine servers, databases, storage, data analytics, and web applications, you can simply add authorized users via email address in the Remote.It application. This works well with your remote workers and contractors by eliminating the need to maintain IP allow lists. It also works on CGNAT connections such a 5G mobile and Starlink where your team may be connected with unknown public IP addresses or transient IP addresses. For more information on using Remote.It Organizations with GCP, click here.

You will need:

  • A Remote.It account. Sign up here:
  • Google cloud console access to the account where access is needed

Use our YouTube video

Once you have setup your services, you can now connect:

Select the service you would like to create a Remote.It connection and click "Connect". You can now use this connection information in the application such as PG Admin, MySQL Workbench, or in a conf file for a local development app. When you are done with the connection, click "Stop Connection". (It is recommended to use the Desktop app for connections on demand with a url that doesn't change for your connections in the future. Desktop is supported in Windows and Mac)
GPC connection URL hostname port

Ready to do more?

Remote.It has a lot more to offer from allowing you to share your devices to friends and colleagues, advanced connection configurations, online/offline notifications, manufacturing support and more. Learn about them here.