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Amnino - Integrates Remote.It into IoT router AR20

April 5, 2024

Amnimo IoT router AR20 (outdoor version) adopts Remote.IT

Remote.It was adopted as a remote control system for LTE communication machine "IoT router (outdoor version) AR20", which Amnimo Co., Ltd. started sales from October 22nd.

IoT Router (Outdoor Edition) AR20 developed by Amnimo is designed for industrial LTE routers designed for outdoor use, supporting PoE (*) power. A simple remote control using a PC or the like can be realized while making a client application of "" and largely shortening the work until the start of setting and use.

Information on the start of sales of the LTE router "IoT router (outdoor version) AR20" that can be installed outdoors and supports PoE power supply

Please check the Amnimo press release for details

* Power over Ethernet: A specification that supplies power to the connected device using an Ethernet communication cable.

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