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BullsEye Telecom - Remote.It for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

April 5, 2024

Over 900 Installations and Growing

BullsEye Telecom was looking for an updated solution to securely maintain, update, and troubleshoot their growing business, distributed across thousands of client sites. Since 2016 this leading national communications solutions provider has been leveraging’s virtual private internet (VPI) solution to provide remote configuration and upgrades, and assist with live trouble-shooting and support to clients across the US.

Customer Challenge

BullsEye was looking for scalable and efficient ways to conduct maintenance and augment live support for their growing client base.Their Engineering team came up with the idea to develop their own custom-built solution for remote installation, maintenance, and support.When researching ways to build a secure connectivity service of their own, their Engineering team discovered The very first demo convinced the BullsEye Engineering team they did not have to look any further. Solution Overview

BullsEye has been using’s VPI solution platform since 2016 to provide remote, live maintenance and support for its growing CPE install base.

BullsEye leverages’s secure, private network capabilities – a cloud-based Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CG-NAT)solution providing secure equipment access, for clients’ on-premise appliances and phone devices enabling BullsEye personnel to connect to and configure all equipment remotely.

Top3 reasons BullsEye Telecom chose Remote.It

1. Functionality and reliability

2. Competitive pricing

3. Innovative Remote.It team mindset Solution Benefits at-a-glance

  • Decreased equipment installation times through reducing or eliminating dispatches of personnel for on-premises implementation
  • Improved customer service and support consistently driving great customer satisfaction and increased client retention
  • Healthy new business pipeline driven by BullsEye’s sustained reputation for quick installation times and exceptional customer

Solution Deep Dive

With thousands of installs across the county, BullsEye was searching for a solution that would allow them to have remote access to their on-premise equipment and services as securely as possible. BullsEyeEngineering began looking for ways to develop its own solution to this problem and ultimately discovered

Joe Spoon, a senior network engineer at BullsEye, discovered while researching possible secure connectivity solutions. It was very easy to get started with since the application supported standard platforms. Configuration was “a breeze” too. While initially the service required manual logins and somewhat complex scripts for auto-logins, listened to BullsEye and developed an auto configuration mechanism enabling BullsEye Engineering to auto-register devices on the server and be ready for installation or servicing almost immediately.

Joe has personally worked with the team on several occasions over the years and every time he had the same experience: the team was ready, willing, and able to assist with any issues BullsEye support would provide direction or would build the scripting needed – for example, ensuring update pushes worked flawlessly.

"Remote.It reached out to our team in the early stages to understand how we use the service so they could better configure the service for all their clients." -- Joe Spoon, Senior Network Engineer, BullsEye

The solution came in handy in unexpected but critical ways too:on one occasion, Joe and his peers discovered the testing software on their equipment still had an old version deployed to all devices, which was causing performance issues. Joe worked directly with the support experts who quickly built a new script for BullsEye to address the issue. This new scripting capability reduced BullsEye’s development time from weeks to just a few days while enabling them to upgrade their testing software very quickly and without experiencing any issues.

Today, the solution has advanced to the point where theBullsEye Engineering team can issue updates to fleets of devices and get feedback instantly. It has also streamlined several of their big installation projects.

"The ease of clicking on a device and logging into that device in under a minute is amazing!" -- Joe Spoon, Senior Network Engineer, BullsEye.
BullsEye Telecom

About BullsEye Telecom

BullsEye provides professional communication products includingSDWAN, VoIP, Broadband, traditional phone service, IoT, Cloud Security,Managed Wi-Fi and SMS to thousands of business locations across the

U.S. For 20 years, BullsEye’s industry experts have customized solutions that give their clients the peace of mind to focus on their core business.Their 99 percent client retention rate demonstrates that BullsEye delivers an industry-leading customer experience.

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