Case Study

Empowering Natilon’s Global Timelapse Services with Remote.It’s Seamless Connectivity Solutions

May 8, 2024

The Challenge

Natilon offers professional time-lapse services and time-lapse hardware. Natilon hardware devices operate on solar energy and mobile internet. These devices capture ultra-high-resolution photos according to schedule and post them to Natilon Cloud Services. Regardless of the device locations, Natilon Support Team should be able to connect to, manage, and monitor them remotely. There may be a need to update the software or adjust the operating parameters of the devices in the field. 

However, simultaneously updating hundreds of devices poses a challenge. The devices are typically positioned in challenging locations such as mast tops and high building roofs, making remote intervention critical.Remote.It offers a solution for Natilon, which has hundreds of active systems in Türkiye and worldwide. Traditionally, accessing devices connected to cellular and satellite networks is complex due to their lack of static IP addresses and presence in multiple NAT and CGNAT environments.

Moreover, devices are only sometimes online; they come online at specific intervals, giving us limited time to establish a connection. Therefore, we need to connect to the device quickly when it is online. Additionally, protecting devices from cyber attacks, shielding from public network scans, and removing open ports.

The Solution

Remote.It technology facilitates connections to remote devices without requiring a static IP, thereby eliminating open IP addresses or ports that hackers could detect or attack during scans for connected devices. We can receive notifications when devices come online, enabling us to connect to and manage them instantly. The Remote.It agent installs easily on every device and can be managed from a single interface. We can execute scripts collectively on all devices and update hundreds of devices from a single dashboard.


  • Manage Users and Services: Easily oversee and administer users and services across various private networks from a centralized dashboard.
  • Check Health Status: Monitor the health status of cameras and devices in real time to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  • Track Online Status: Monitor device connectivity by counting the number of times a day each device comes online and the duration of its online activity.
  • Monitor Internet Connection: View details about the device's internet connection type and service provider, providing insights into network performance and reliability.
  • View Device Features: Access essential information about Raspberry Pi devices, including serial numbers, MAC addresses, software versions, and more, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Eliminate Static IP Costs: Our solution eliminates the need for costly static IP addresses, reducing overhead expenses associated with network management.
  • Flexible: Works over WiFi, ethernet, and cellular networks, maximizing deployments.

About Natilon

Natilon is focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Embedded Software and Hardware Development and mainly aims to offer value-added solutions to its customers in these fields. Natilon Timelapse systems are one of our products due to our experience. The Natilon Timelapse platform represents our R&D and operational capabilities. In the upcoming period, we will continue to work as the entire Natilon team to make the Natilon platform a worldwide brand with the strength and support we receive from our business partners and customers.

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