Case Study

Zabatt supplies reliable backup power to essential facilities

April 5, 2024

Learn how Zabatt remotely monitors and controls thousands of power generators and automated transfer switches to ensure reliable 24/7 backup power to their critical infrastructure cusrtomers.

The Challenge

Zabatt Power Systems sells and services backup power equipment to homeowners, businesses, and industries across Florida and its 7 neighboring states regularly impacted by heavy storms. Its customers include public institutions, train stations, hospitals, schools, warehouses, data centers, and other essential applications that cannot afford power outages and need reliable service 24/7/365.

Since Zabatt has only a team of 70 technicians to service its 8000+ generators under contract, a solution relying solely on field support was not an option. The company needed a way to connect to each generator via cellular networks and satellite communication regardless of its location, be able to read its vitals, and securely take over its configuration and operation. Remote.It had the solution. Traditionally, cellular and satellite networked devices are complicated to reach because they do not have static IP addresses and are multi-NAT and CGNAT environments.

The Solution

The Remote.It technology turned the Zabatt power equipment into a Virtual Private Network, eliminating open IP addresses or ports for hackers to detect or attack when scanning for connected devices.

To do this, Remote.It is installed at the customer site on a Raspberry Pi. Remote.It uses the Raspberry Pi as a jumpbox to communicate to all the power generators within the customer network. The service team members then can access each generator individually using the Remote.It desktop application.

Depending on their level of user access, service teams could perform the following tasks remotely:

  • Control installation and setup of new equipment
  • Check the operation status of generators remotely from any location 
  • Schedule snapshot reports about fuel level, fuel leaks, voltage level, environmental conditions
  • Schedule maintenance operations
  •  Initiate readout, tests, and reboot when an anomaly or novelty is detected

Remote.It solution for Zabatt remote power generator access.
Zabatt Solution Diagram

The Benefits

  • Maintain the equipment healthy during standby status
  • Verify vitals ahead of bad weather or disaster
  • Eliminate preventable power failure
  • Eliminate the need for expensive truck rolls for service of remote equipment on cellular or satellite networks
  • Increase customer loyalty and upsell
  • Resilience of connectivity for cellular and satellite networks
  • Decrease costly on-site visits or services
  • Reduce travel expenses and time of service team

About Zabatt

Zabatt sells new and used standby, mobile, diesel, and gas generators with residential, enterprise, and industrial grades, enclosures, fuel tanks, transfer switches, fire-rated equipment, and more. The company also services over 8000 generators under contract, from start-ups and load tests to regulatory compliance and remote monitoring

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