Case Study

Carbon Robotics Combines Lasers, AI, and Remote Control to Eradicate Weeds

April 5, 2024

Learn how Carbon Robotics high-end LaserWeed empowers farmers to kill weeds rain or shine with the assurance of a 24/7 reliable Remote Control and Support solution.

The Challenge

Farms are a controlled environment where every action has a dollar value. Farmers are forced to choose between using increasingly scarce and costly hand labor, spraying harmful chemicals, or using mechanical solutions that disrupt and destroy topsoil. They are eager for options that offer economic savings, result in healthier higher quality crops, and are sustainable and regenerative for the future.

Carbon Robotics offers such a solution with its LaserWeed equipment which combines an AI deep learning technology, computer vision, robotics, and lasers to deliver high-precision weed control. Still, the acceptance of this wonderful and complex equipment among farmers needed the assurance of a reliable and secure Remote Monitoring and Management system to allow a multi-disciplinary team of technicians and engineers to access and service the 40+ cameras, 30+ lasers and other components of the LaserWeeder. Remote.It had the solution.

The Solution

The Remote.It technology interconnects the LaserWeed machines, the field operators, if any, and the back-office technicians via a secure Virtual Private Network.

The Remote.It Device Package is installed on the NVidia Jetson or any other IoT controller on the LaserWeed using a simple SSH connection.  

Depending on their level of user access, service teams can perform the following tasks remotely from a tablet or desktop:

  • Manage users and services across multiple private networks
  • Check the operation status of the cameras and lasers
  • Load the appropriate configuration for the crop(s) of the day
  • Technician walking the field can tune the AI engine if incorrect burns are detected or new type of weeds are missed
  • Send to the AI/ML experts in the back office the images showing weeds never seen before, environmental conditions and more.
Carbon Robotics Solution Diagram

The Benefits

  • Ease of use and reliability
  • Ensure that equipment is healthy prior to weeding
  • Eliminate downtime which are costly and can impact the entire harvesting schedule
  • Help improve efficiency and sustainability
  • Decrease farming and maintenance costs

About Carbon Robotics

Carbon Robotics produces revolutionary AI-powered robotic systems that precisely identify, weed and thin specialty vegetable crops using lasers with millimeter accuracy, while observing the conditions of the crop and soil in a field for later analysis. 

In early 2022, Carbon launched the commercial LaserWeeder and began targeting large vegetable growers in Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington State.

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