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Echo Electronics Utilize Remote.It for telework

April 5, 2024

Echo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. implements Remote.It to enable telework

Interview with Tokyo Branch System Division Manager

Echo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.Tokyo Branch System Division Manager

Problem before Remote.It

I want to easily realize telework secured security

In our company, we were promoting measures such as reforming and overtime of time-of-company work, but only the part of the telework did not reach production. This is because employees who have worked at an external location such as home environment and cooperating companies have issues with security collateral to access internal systems. Building a VPN environment for a specific employee and tasks is not profitable, so it will not be profitable because it is expensive.

Also, there are various remote connection tools, but we wanted to do it, but not a supplementary work like remote maintenance, but work itself. In short, we were looking for a way to remotely operate your desktop to perform normal operations. Some employees leveraged the hardware router of the maker, but there were issues in parts such as accounting additions and maintenance effort, network configuration complexity and functional restriction.


In fact, the use of in telework was not originally envisioned. I knew Remote.IT is an opportunity to introduce Softbank, which has been more than before, as the security of IoT equipment. After that, we started considering in-house as it can be applied to other. Remote.IT has not needed to change its network design and policies like VPN, and could not feel free to deploy, and could immediately move to the test introduction.


Security, thorough convenience, and low cost

There are many companies that have introduced Hardware VPN routers, but now it is a natural age to use smartphones in operations. We have renewed the business system so that approval and so on can be done with a smartphone, but it was an uneasy security for LTE lines. In that respect, rather than exposing the server externally, you can only access from terminals such as a smartphone containing Remote.IT, and highly appreciated that security can secure.

It is also good assessment that can be installed regardless of the OS and easy configuration. Users can notify the user's use, as well as the security settings on the cloud server and client-side (such as IP address permissions and inbound port open settings, etc.), etc. It is very useful. However, since has never been a service that has never been a concept understanding and security evaluation on its own standards. If you get over it, I think it is possible to introduce at least 2 to 3 days.


We plan to expand telework using Remote.It to company.

First of all, the system of teleworks that was original purpose can be realized by speedy and low budget. Based on the future demonstration experiments, I would like to release telework company-wide company, so I think the user will increase more. In particular, I would like to use it as a trigger for reinstatement of female engineers retired for childbirth and childcare. I think that the lack of labor power due to the declining birthrate and aging is a social task. Until some time, people who were Bali Bali's SE will not be able to play an active part after birth.

Now I am using it without any trouble, but if there is one request, it is very happy to be able to understand the connection status.

In addition, we would like to investigate the use of Remote.It for applications other than teleworks, and we would like to work with IoT-based solutions such as rainfall observation systems that we have and their use with RPA tools.

Company Details

Company name: Echo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

Industry: Development of software and computer system

Corporate size: About 250 employees

Goal: Security collateral about access to internal servers from multiple bases

Keyword: Working How to reform, remote work (telework), security, cooperative company management

Reasons for Remote.It: Simple introduction, security collateral in low-cost installation

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