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Kanazawa Engineering Systems Co., Ltd. - KES P2P Link

April 5, 2024

Kanazawa Engineering Systems Co., Ltd., which has introduced as the core technology of the remote communication service "KES P2P Link series". This time, we interviewed Mr. Konishi of the company. Development of remote connection service "KES P2P Link series" that does not require network knowledge

Problems I want to solve

A simple, low-cost network solution that can be used without knowledge or skills

We are a system development company established in 1988 based in Kanazawa, and most of our employees are technical groups of engineers. We are developing both contract development and in-house product development, and we have customers all over Japan.

In contract development, we have created a system installed in a so-called built-in device. This is an easy-to-understand example, is a firmware such as a car and a settlement terminal. We are engaged in embedded software of various devices such as special monitors, fish findings, and remote control of housing equipment. In addition, inspection equipment and industrial machinery systems, etc. continue to be slightly long from the beginning of the inception.

We have also developed our own products since eight years ago. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller, control device of programmable logic circuit) and remote connection service that adopt Remote.It which adopted Remote.It this time, image recognition, processing AI, abnormal sound detection AI, automatic carrier vehicle. Many of the products used in factories, such as fuel supply devices expanded overseas.

Mr Konishi

I knew "Remote.It" was an opportunity to introduce it with a remote drink with an engineer companion. When I was interested in the trial, I thought "This is a very good product" as an engineer, and at the same time I thought "I do not want to be very good." The utilization destination of "Remote.It" is a wide variety of people, but probably there will be very few people who can identify and use their own needs.

Therefore, we decided to commercialize "" more general and not to be aware of network and access control as a solution infrastructure of L2 connection via mobile line. The image is a commercially available WiFi extender (equipment that extends between wired LANs with WiFi), and the use of mobile circuits (4G / LTE) instead of WiFi is a big difference.

That's why I developed the KES P2P Link Series. Unlike general VPN routers, etc. increase. In addition, since it is not necessary to install the software on the connected computer, it is possible to use the older device and OS where support is finished, and you do not need to be aware of the follow-up new OS.

Points for evaluation

It is very good and intuition as a protocol that can use P2P connection immediately

Specifically, if the highly evaluated points are specifically mentioned, "Because it is not possible to attack from outside because it does not require global IP" "Session is put in P2P, so there is little delay." Any P2P connection could be used immediately and I was intuition that I was very good as a protocol. However, as the port needed to be fixed and specified, the operation scene that is difficult to apply is also imagined, so as you talked earlier, it is easy to easily make L2, remotely, while making use of the attractiveness of "" that port opening is not necessary. I was tailored as a package that can be connected. It is proud that it will be possible in that it will be possible to be able to do so far.

Implementation effect and future prospects

Everyone wants to build a secure network infrastructure anywhere

Currently, we provide the KES P2P Link Series as a solution that can be remotely connected without changing existing networks. L2 level extender via 4G / LTE has already been introduced to a number of companies that have already been in the market, and there are a lot of inquiries and there are also a lot of inquiries.

It is also good to use it as an alternative to leased lines, such as remote work in corona, and if it is introduced to a factory, the technician can confirm the necessity of device repair even if it is introduced to the factory, so the operation of maintenance itself is large. Change and cost can be reduced dramatically. As mentioned earlier, the KES P2P Link Series can apply the operating period of 20 to 30 years and long devices because it is not necessary to install the software on the connected computer.

The cost structure changes significantly if you can make various tasks remotely, so you may change to business models and corporate management. "KES P2P LINK series" using "Remote.It" as a core technology is self-contributing to a service that has such potential.

The current issue is how to find out the value for the offer price. We want to make the value generated by remote connection easy to understand, and everyone wants to build a secure network infrastructure anywhere.

Corporate name: Kanazawa Engineering Systems Inc.

Industry: Information and communication industry (software development / equipment for sale)

Corporate Size: 140

Goal: Providing easy and low-cost network solutions that can be used without knowledge of network infrastructure and high skills

Keyword: IoT, factory automation, embedded equipment

Introduction: Global IP unnecessary, low delay, and multiple individual sessions are possible

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