Why Your Network Security Needs an Upgrade Yesterday

February 3, 2024

Are your network defenses keeping up? If you're like most organizations, the answer is likely no. Network security threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Hackers and cybercriminals are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit, and the consequences of a network security breach can be devastating.

It's time to take network security seriously by upgrading to a modern solution like Remote.It provides built-in defenses against the latest risks. Remote.It makes it easy to implement robust security across all your network infrastructure and locations. You gain centralized control and visibility through cloud-based network management to better identify and mitigate security issues before they become full-blown crises.

Remote.It offers least privileged access to restrict lateral movement across your network. By compartmentalizing access and applying strict policies, access is managed at the individual service level rather than at the subnet or device level. Grant access to a device's web application without granting access to the SSH terminal. Zero trust access control ensures that only authorized persons and devices can access specific parts of your network. One of the most significant risks today is a network intrusion that leads to stolen data or compromised systems.

Remote.It significantly reduces manual network configuration errors and improves security through its centralized, cloud-based management approach. Users no longer have to manage IP address ranges, subnet collisions, access control lists, VLAN tags, and more.

Another rising threat is vulnerabilities in equipment like IoT (Internet of Things), routers, NAS (network attached storage), cameras, switches, and firewalls. These devices' specialized operating systems receive infrequent security updates, making them prime targets. Remote.It's network connectivity as a service solution addresses this and allows organizations to run scripts on each device to ensure devices are running the latest software or have the latest configuration settings. 

Remote.It eliminates attack surfaces by removing private network resources from public internet exposure. Private resources are invisible from the public internet. Bots and malicious attackers cannot scan your resources for known vulnerabilities.

Remote.It offers comprehensive network security across all infrastructure and cloud locations through a cloud-based service that provides least privileged access, simplifies network management, and eliminates external attack surfaces. Contact Remote.It today for a consultation and free trial. Take your network security from yesterday to tomorrow by switching to Remote.It.

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