Simplifying Container Access with Remote.It Docker JumpBox

February 3, 2024


In our recent webinar (YouTube Replay), "Access Any Container with Remoted Docker Jump Box," we discussed the powerful features and benefits of Remote.It's Next Gen Zero Trust network access solution. Throughout the session, we focused on demonstrating the Docker desktop extension and the standalone Docker container capabilities, highlighting how our solution simplifies container access while enhancing security.


At Remote.It, we offer a revolutionary approach to network access, replacing traditional VPN solutions with our Next Gen Zero Trust solution. Our platform provides numerous advantages, including support for devices without public IP addresses, the ability to connect to multiple private networks simultaneously, and hassle-free network configuration that eliminates the need for manual setup and maintenance of VPNs. Not only does our solution improve connectivity and reduce overhead, but it also enhances security by implementing zero trust principles and eliminating potential configuration errors.

Docker Desktop Extension Demo:

During the webinar, we presented our Docker Desktop Extension Jumpbox, which enables secure and convenient access to services within a Docker container network. By installing our Remote.It extension, users gain a comprehensive view of running services and can effortlessly control access to them. We demonstrated the simple registration process, the seamless discovery of containers within the network, and the effective role-based access control. The demo showcased how Remote.It simplifies the management and access of Docker networks, providing an intuitive solution for connecting to and controlling containerized services.

Standalone Docker Container Demo:

We also delved into the versatility of Remote.It Jumpbox container and emphasized the dynamic nature of our solution, which adapts to changes in the cluster, and demonstrated the secure access to containers running on ECS instances without the need for open ports. Through the demo, we showcased the ability to connect to running services, such as the Echo server, and manage Docker containers remotely using SSH.


In summary, our webinar highlighted the immense capabilities of Remote.It's Docker Jumpbox and its significant potential for simplifying container access while ensuring enhanced security. Whether using the Docker desktop extension or standalone Docker container, our solution offers a user-friendly interface, zero trust network access, and seamless connectivity to Docker containers across diverse environments. To explore the demonstrated features in detail and learn more about, we invite you to visit our website at www.Remote.It. 

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