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Innovative Solutions: Trimble & Remote.It revolutionize access to construction equipment

April 10, 2023


Trimble. is a world leader in industrial technology manufacturing.  Their technology enables jobs to get done more precisely and accurately so you can build, construct, grow, and move the things we need to live our lives and build future communities. As the world changes, Trimble's products and customer usage have also evolved. Road construction, for instance, has undergone significant changes from being a labor-intensive process to being managed remotely through software. However, this evolution has brought new challenges, particularly in keeping the equipment running 24/7.  


To address this challenge, Trimble needed an innovative solution that would allow engineers and operators to remotely access the equipment and run diagnostics to keep the equipment running without interruptions. They selected Remote.It to co-develop their equipment dashboard via subscription services. Remote.It's code is embedded into the operating system of GPS (global positioning system) devices sold worldwide. Each piece of equipment has a unique UID uploaded onto the Remote.It platform for monitoring and immediate contact upon device activation.


Through the Trimble dashboard, customers can activate a subscription plan to the operating system dashboard upon purchase of Trimble equipment. The customers can then contact the equipment on a device of their choice (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.) and run any number of diagnostics as frequently as they would like. Trimble also has access to these devices to assist with customer support. This solution has enabled Trimble to overcome the challenge of keeping their equipment running 24/7 while providing their customers with a seamless and convenient way to run diagnostics and access customer support. The partnership is particularly compelling because it allows for revenue expansion through subscription sales for service, making it a profitable and sustainable solution.

Download the PDF version of the Trimble Case Study

Case Study - Innovative Solutions - Trimble & Remote.It

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