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February 3, 2024

Security concerns over hosting your own gaming server

The biggest security risk of hosting your own gaming server is allowing users outside your local area network (anyone not on your Wifi) to play. You will need to make network changes to your router. Commonly referred to as port forwarding or opening a port, this allows external devices to connect without their own public IP address.

In the past, there has been no way to overcome enabling port forwarding to share local devices with external users. By installing Remote.It on the gaming server or another device on the same network, you can share your Minecraft server without having to understand routers or IP addresses.

Why host your own MInecraft or Terraria server?

Improve your gaming experience with a small group of friends or the entire world.

By using Remote.It, hosts can setup their ARK Server without having to change their router or firewall configurations and open any ports which expose your server and local network to port scans and malicious actors. Step by step ARK Server instructions

Benefits of using Remote.It and hosting your own gaming server

  • Access | Total control over who can access your Minecraft or Terraria world. Keep the game limited to a few close friends or invite users around the world.
  • Freedom | Customize every detail of your gaming experience. Design your own world and make limitless changes.
  • Modifications | Complete control over what modifications and upgrades your server receives. Create and enforce your own rules as you see fit.
  • Connectivity | Works over any type of Internet connection including 5G & Starlink satellite. No access to routers or firewalls needed.

You'll be able to :

  • Invite users via email address without managing IP addresses
  • Doesn't require admin access or changes to your router or firewall.  
  • Works anywhere you have internet access
  • Secure sharing since no ports are required to be opened on the router
  • Create your own public or private gaming network
  • Run a Minecraft server without port forwarding
  • Host a Terraria server

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